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Mountain View UPDATE! I am chairing the Static Analysis Symposium 2021 Artifact Evaluation Committee!

UPDATE! Our work on leveraging reinforcement learning to find complex concurrency bugs now features in the Microsoft Research Blog!

UPDATE! Our paper on Learning-Based Controlled Concurrency Testing won the Distinguished Artifact Award at OOPSLA 2020!

UPDATE! Our project, Coyote is now live! This is a shiny new framework that allows you to create reliable and efficient asynchronous applications. Do take Coyote out for a spin!

Current Designation:
Software Engineer, One Engineering System, Microsoft Corporation (April 2021 - present)

Previous Organizations:
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher, Microsoft Research, Bangalore, India (December 2017 - March 2021)
  • Ph.D. Student, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. (August 2011 - July 2017)
  • Software Engineer, Arista Networks (August 2017 - November 2017)

Hello. I am presently a software engineer at Microsoft. I spent more than 3 wonderful years as a post-doctoral researcher at Microsoft Research, Bangalore, India. Before that, I was a software engineer at Arista Networks, Bangalore. Prior to that, I was a Ph.D. student in the Programming Languages Laboratory, at the Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. My Ph.D. thesis involves designing efficient algorithms for the static analysis of concurrent computer programs.
During my Ph.D., I won the Radhia Cousot Young Researcher Best Paper Award for our paper at the Static Analysis Symposium (SAS), 2017. I also won the 6th IDRBT Doctoral Colloquium, 2016.
Here's my CV for more details.
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